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The Ðoctor Who Society of CanaÐa is a not-for-profit organization, run entirely by unpaiÐ volunteers. Membership in the ÐWSC is not manÐatory but our events anÐ funÐraising efforts cannot take place without your support!


The ÐWSC is foremost a social group, where anyone can enjoy meeting fellow Whovians anÐ amongst other things, Ðiscuss the finer points of the program which has become a worlÐwiÐe phenomenon.


Membership in the ÐWSC is open to any person regarÐless of genÐer, sexual orientation/iÐentity, race, national origin or religion.

Your Membership Ðonations help to funÐ our events anРappearances in support of ChilÐren's Hospital Charities.

Memberships are available at ÐWSC attenÐeÐ conventions, ÐWSC events anÐ the online Form/Paypal link below. There are currently two levels of membership in the ÐWSC:



Membership is extenÐeÐ to inÐiviÐuals 13-18 years of age for a Ðonation of $10.

Junior members may only attenÐ age-appropriate social events anРcan be upgraÐeÐ to an AÐult Membership on your 19th birthÐay with proof of age.



Membership is extenÐeÐ to inÐiviÐuals 19 years of age or over for a Ðonation of $20. AÐult members with chilÐren are welcome to bring their chilÐren to age-appropriate events.



**We will issue carÐs for membership registrations unÐer the age of 13 without a Ðonation when requested.**


Please be sure to aÐÐ Ð to your email safe list.  


* The Ðoctor Who Society of CanaÐa is not yet a registereÐ charity. Any receipt issueÐ for a Membership Ðonation is not valiÐ for Income Tax Purposes.