Who would ever consider traveling all the way to London not just to get married,
but to do it on TV at an all Doctor Who themed ceremony, shared with 49 other
couples?  Amanda and Brandon of course, they jumped at the chance the second
they heard about it. 
Doctor Who was very important to them, Brandon had watched it as a child and,
though Amanda didn't become a fan until a few years ago, she helped to found the
Doctor Who Society of Canada.  They both watched it the whole time Amanda was
pregnant with their son, from Eccelson on through Smith.  Once James was born
(without a Time Head), they went to conventions as a family and showed off their
son cosplaying as the Doctor and Captian Jack Harkness.  They have met John
Barrowman, Colin Baker, Fraiser Hines, and hope to add many more in the future.
"We both love lots of different shows and genres, but Doctor Who is first and
foremost of all of them for us both", Amanda proudly declared to us.
These two have wanted to go to England for years and now they have their chance. 
On November 24, 2013 Amanda and Brandon hope to make a once in a lifetime trip to London to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Doctor Who.  They will be visiting Cardiff (home of the Doctor Who Experience), ExCel London (the Official 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Experience) and most of importantly of all, they will be joining 49 other couples at a one of a kind wedding ceremony which will be completely Doctor Who themed and televised across the world.
The only hitch with getting hitched is raising the finances to pay for such a trip. The wedding event is 2000 pounds (U.K) alone, not including flight and only 2 days accomidation in London.   Amanda and Brandon are hoping for the some help from all the double Whovian hearts across Canada to make their life long dreams come true.
If you would like to help Amanda and Brandon have the Doctor Who experience of a life time, that they can share with each other forever,  please check out their facebook page and consider making a donation at

We`re Bigger On The Inside!

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Doctor Who Society of Canada 2011
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Doctor Who BBC
The DWSC went full out this year at Fan Expo in Toronto.  We had our largest display to date plus panels, a charity photo booth, cosplay photo ops, an after party and an attempt at a Guinness World Record. 
The DWSC and Rowan Photography are very pleased to announce that with your generous donations, we raised over $3,000 for Toronto's SickKids Foundation.  Thank you to Rowan Photography Studio for providingtheir services for the weekend and to the cosplayers, who much like a real Time Lord, appeared out of the vortex and donated their services!  And a special THANK YOU to all of our attendees for making a donation to SickKids!!  Visit tofind out how you can make a difference in the life of a sick child.
We also took on the very daunting task of EXTERMINATING the Guinness World Record for the Largest Gathering of Daleks. As the doors opened to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it became quickly apparent to our organizers that we were going to break the 96 Daleks mark and unofficially break the record. Despite a few delays, in the end we well exceeded our goal and expectations in reaching 157 Daleks, an unofficial new World Record! The Daleks had to gather together in a room for over 10 minutes, during which time we were delighted to have the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker be our Official Expert Witness! Thank you to Colin for being a gracious host and truly lovely man!
A special Thank You to for providing all of the prizes given out at the gathering, including a $100 gift certificate, and to - Canada's 50th Anniversary Convention, for donating a family pass to the best Family of Daleks! Our submission to Guinness is well underway and we hope to have an official statement soon but the process can take at least 12 weeks.  For all of our participating Daleks, gift packs will be mailed out. Thank you again to all who participated and be sure to tune in to InnerSpace weeknights at 6pm (ET) for coverage and updates on the event -
The 2013 Fan Expo was our most successful outing to date, with the largest booth ever given to a community group. Our Canadian Dalek Invasion Force has risen in numbers with Daleks Dreadnaught, Auric, Simon, Clifton, Souffle, Harper, Aleron, Drax, Lekda and Ironside EXTERMINATING everyone who did not attend their panels and the Gathering of the Daleks. We also added several new display pieces to our exhibit with a CyberShade, Weeping Angel, Silence, full sized TARDIS Console and, this year's centre piece, a 1963 TARDIS. We look forward to growing again next year with your continued support!
If you would like to contribute to the TARDIS Build Project, please visit
Photos courtesy of John Keigher Photography, Christine Mak, Phil Gotfried and Rowan Photography Studio
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Today marks the biggest anniversary in Science Fiction television 
historyand one of the biggest milestones for television in general. 
From the dream of a Canadian in England, to the televisions and
movie theatres around the world, all Whovians are celebrating the
legacy of the incredible program we call our own - DOCTOR WHO. 
Whether you started watching the 1st Doctor William Hartnell or
have only just discovered the 11th Doctor Matt Smith and for the
future generation who will call the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi their
first, we all continue to be filled with the same sense of awe and
wonderment everytime we hear that unique theme song played. 

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"Before the Day of the Doctor: InnerSPACE Live" @ 2:30pm ET
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