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The Doctor Who Society of Canada

Adventure through time and space with us!

The Doctor Who Society of Canada is a volunteer-led community group focused on inclusiveness, socialization and, of course, a love for doctor who. As part of our mission, we arrange charitable appearances to support local children's hospitals. 

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Doctor Who Society
Supports Local Children's Hospitals 

Hop in the TARDIS and Join the COmmunity!

Connect with other Whovians in your community and Across Canada

Give back to the community through volunteer engagement opportunities

Recieve invitations to membership exclusive events and meetups

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Events & Appearances

Due to the current coviD-19 health care crisis, the ÐWSC Is only making limited event appearances.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and we look forwarÐ to seeing you all again soon.

Check out our Events and Appearances page for where our Tardis will materialize next!

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