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Time can be rewritten!

Death in Heaven

Series 8, Episode 12

The situation is grave, as the nefarious plans of Missy unfold in the series 8 finale. The Doctor finds himself working once again with Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT to save the world, and Clara seeks to find a way back to Danny, as Cybermen rain down on upon the Earth.

Imagine It From My Point Of View!​​

After the steady build up of tension and mystery in the previous episode, culminating in the somewhat expected reveal of The Master and her Cyberman Army, the finale for Series 8 falls flat – very flat – as the threads of convoluted non-arc that has been sashaying all over the episodes this series draws to a confusing and hollow finish. Danny, and indeed, every other dead person on Earth is briefly resurrected, only to die again. The Master kills indiscriminately, just we are sure she is crazy, and Clara and The Doctor live unhappily ever after.

The Good Things

Don't Always Soften The Bad Things...

Play Missy for me:

Aside from the loopy plan and nonsense rationale, Michelle Gomez was brilliant. There have been complaints that this Master could have been carried on by John Simm, but I disagree. This Master is not bound to the will of the High Council. She is a return to form in the spirit of Delgado, as Capladi displays echoes of Pertwee. She works for me.

Idiots Lantern:

We finally see Capaldi capture some of the essence of Who the Doctor always has been in his graveyard speech. He is a bit of an idiot, and shrugging off the cloak of victimization he has been made to wear most of this season (which I still don't really get) was refreshing.

Days Gone By:

I like Kate Stewart. I think we could do with a lot more of her. Throwing the gauntlet down with the broken old Cyber head was a great moment, if wasted on the fact there were no actual Cybermen present.

...But Vice-Versa, The Bad Things

Don't Necessarily Spoil The Good Things...

I Am Iron Mans:

Let's be clear. Missy hijacked the dead and stuck them inside metal cans. They weren't actual Cybermen. It is another example in a long line of Cybermen mistakes NuWho has made. Capaldi is right. We need a return to the actual Mondas Cybermen and correct the glaring issues. Daleks needed a way up and down stairs. Cybermen have feet. Sort it out.

Shot through the Heart:

Danny and Clara guilt the Doctor into the corner, and then love conquers all. Even death. However, Danny obviously wanted the last word, so instead of returning to Clara and letting her off the hook for all the crap she put him through, he flipped her the ethereal bird with the kid he killed in war. At least Danny can rest in peace now. Except for all those promises he has to keep (????).

Everything Else:

If you pay close attention, you'll notice Steven Moffat has ripped off the plot from the movie within the movie “Bowfinger”. “Chubby Rain” was about aliens falling to earth in rain, then turning people into zombies. Sound familiar? That, and the plethora of other dumb ideas – UNIT drugging and handcuffing the Doctor; The Doctor as President of Earth; getting on a plane to escape the million or so FLYING CYBERMEN; unnecessarily reviving an old and already honored past companion in just about the most tasteless and tactless way possible. It was all kinds of bad. Especially the Master doing it all for her friend. What a load.

...And Make Them Unimportant.

LARP and The Real Girl:

Osgood. Why?

Any Way you Slice it:

So Missy could pop in and out of the Nethersphere, or as I like to call it, “MISSY's TARDIS!!!!!" How did no one else see that. Chameleon circuit, timelord technology, bigger on the inside. The Red phone booth was a red herring and the Master isn't dead. She's running. The chase is on!

Baby, it's cold:

Hugs are a way of HIDING YOUR FACE, Clara is still lying, Santa Claus is coming to town and I really had multiple, regenerating issues with the closing scene(s).

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