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Time can be rewritten!


Series 8, Episode 9

The TARDIS comes under attack by an unknown energy, causing the exterior dimensions to shrink, and trapping The Doctor inside. Meanwhile, Clara is left "Doctor" on her own to help a local graffiti artist named Rigsby figure out why people are disappearing.


The second offering by Jamie Mathieson delves into the notion of dimensions, and puts Clara front and centre when The Doctor is forced to sit on the sideline, so to speak. People go missing, bizarre energy drains affect the outward dimension of the TARDIS, and the truth about the relationship between Danny, Clara and The Doctor comes out. While the triangle continues to add a growing discomfort to the series, in my opinion, the companion acting on behalf of the Doctor is a creative and interesting premise. 2 dimensional bad guys, especially with the way in which they were realized.

The Good Things
Don't Always Soften The Bad Things...
Artistic licence:
The visual effects crew once again out-do themselves with the envisioning of the various ways in which the enemy appear in the 3D world.
Student becomes the Doctor:
Talking Clara through his process as the rescuer was brilliant and a really fresh change in the dynamic of the show. This mystery was just deep enough for it to work. Fair to be said with out the advent of modern tech (cell phones etc) this episode would not have worked.
Christopher Fairbank:
A familiar character actor with an impressive cv (recently as the Broker in Guardians of the Galaxy) Chris brings a nice, snarly secondary support which fuelled some great tension. He is always a pleasure to watch, and happy to see him finally in DW.
...But Vice-Versa, The Bad Things
Don't Necessarily Spoil The Good Things...
Double Trouble:
While the changing dimensions of the TARDIS provides some interesting visuals and humour, the first size change scene annoyed me when The Doctor didn't just open both doors. Maybe a construction issue, but we've seen it full sized, and when it was in it's smallest state.
Rules of Engagement:
So what is the first Rule of the Doctor? Is it that he lies, or that he uses his enemies power against them? I personally prefer the second one, but that line by Clara stuck in my craw.
Misplaced placement:
Surprise! Danny and Claras relationship, and all it's awkwardness takes third spot on the naughty list. The Doctor clues in to the fact the Clara is lying to Danny about the Doctor and about Danny to the Doctor, but taking the call in the middle of action and then not when things are quiet once again just felt out of place. My opinion is not likely to change.
...And Make Them Unimportant.
My Clara:
So Missy brought them together. So everything since the beginning of Series 7 has been a setup. Great. Do you want some milk with your Moffaty Loops?
The Speech:
Capaldi so far has avoided the cheese factor, but popping out at the end and warbling away before the naming ceremony of the bad guys felt more like a Smith thing.
The Seige Mode TARDIS will Open:
Never heard of this before, but it resembles the Pandorica – Gallifreyan tie in?
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