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Time can be rewritten!


Series 8, Episode 2

What is Evil and where does it live?

While still trying to understand the mystery behind his new form, The Doctor, with the help of Clara, must go on a fantastic voyage to understand why a malfunctioning Dalek has turned good.


The second offering for this series begins with a tight and well paced introduction to exactly what kind of Doctor Capladi plans on being, even if he is unsure himself. The concept of travelling around inside a living Dalek has echoes to 2005s “Dalek” and presents The Doctor with some unexpected insights to his own darker nature. It becomes somewhat less spectacular once the team enters the Dalek.

The Good Things

Don't Always Soften The Bad Things...

  • Dialogue: Fresh, face paced and intelligent. It is the strongest aspect of this episode.

  • Companions: Clara feels right at home, still gauging her impression of this Doctor without skipping out on him. It's a vibe I wish had continued series long.

  • Big Concept: The idea that one member of a species can feel at odds to its own native values is not new, but to flip that perspective onto a Dalek is a unique and inspired choice.

...But Vice-Versa, The Bad Things

Don't Necessarily Spoil The Good Things...

  • Danny Pink: I'm not on this bandwagon, specifically because they've made Danny's soldier past a problem for him. Many soldiers deal with loss and guilt on a daily basis, but a man who has returned to everyday life and chosen an occupation that deals with people and more importantly teaching children, is not someone who would necessarily still have unprocessed guilt as Danny has been made to.

  • Love, Actually: There are some (a lot) of people who are all for love etc in DW. I am not one, mostly due to the last few series where it is always a part of the backstory. The show ran for 26 seasons previously without allowing itself to get too hung up on the Doctors own heartstrings. Can't we go for a series without it being a soap opera? Please?

  • Enemy of My Enemy is Amnesiac: In the opener for Series 7, the Daleks (courtesy of Oswin) didn't remember who the Doctor was. Fast forward to Trenzalore, and they were full on baddies again with complete knowledge of The Doctor a la Tasha Lem. His regeneration into the 12th Doctor was so powerful it all but wiped them out. So why exactly is this Doctor so venomous towards them now? The idea of a Lawful/Good Dalek is intriguing, but not couched in a story about the Doctors suddenly rejuvenated prejudice.

...And Make Them Unimportant.
  • Something borrowed: Soldier Gretchen is picked up by Missy much in the same way Journey was rescued by the Doctor – coincidence?

  • The “Phenomenon” phenomenon: Turns out it wasn't just a good Dalek – it was damaged. Ho hum.

  • Whats in a name: “Rusty” is cool, but for a moment after it said “Doctor” for the first time, i thought this Dalek might be revealed to be Dalek Caan pre-Journey's End.

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